Residential development

Waters Edge - Haverhill

The Developer-Client appointed J.A.P Architects to explore how a dilapidated industrial yard could be developed with a contemporary scheme of flats centered around a shared courtyard.

Planning consent for 27 flats had been obtained previously by J.A.P on part of the site while the other part had achieved a separate consent (by othersfor a smaller scheme of flats.

By combining the two adjacent sites and working closely with planning officers we attained consent for an overall development of 63 flats and the first residential development in Haverhill to include four-storey buildings.

The design was implemented with an unembellished and modern palette of materials to create something fresh and of its time and to provide an alternative to more traditional housing-estate architecture.

Work stages undertaken by J.A.P Architects: Feasibility, Design, Planning, Working Drawings, Building Regulations and Construction Details