Veterinary Practice and Nursery School - Haverhill

Proposed functions for this site adjacent to the Haverhill ring-road were limited by the Local Authority to that described as “Roadside Use”. The original feasibility scheme was for three buildings two of which are now under construction – a Veterinary Practice and a Nursery School.

Working for a developer, but also in conjunction with the two end-users, we have designed buildings that are highly individual and address two complex and diverse design-briefs.

The Vets Practice is legibly arranged to be accessible to the public but also largely private internally. The building form responds to the site boundaries and is intended to appear non-industrial despite being a highly functional and commercial structure.

The Nursery school is intended to have a ‘human’ scale and create a welcoming environment. Working to tight budgetary constraints we endeavoured to achieve a recognisable identity for the building and include details that responded to the main end user – children.

Work stages undertaken by J.A.P Architects: Feasibility, Design, Planning, Working Drawings, Building Regulations and Construction Details